Genshin Impact Huge Annoucement, New Characters and more

I’m so excited for this game to arrive on September 28th and the game is not even out yet and the devs have been adding so much more content for us to indulge. In two weeks, as of September 28th 10am (UTC+8) will be releasing on all systems as of Android/IOS/PC/PS4. I will be doing a full play through on my YouTube channel and turn it into a series that’s how excited I am for this game. Sadly, I was never able to get access to closed beta so I’ll be showcasing the game and it’s updates on my channel and it today’s video, I’ll be discussing a couple key things to know before the game launches so that means brand new characters they’re adding to the game and I’ll be discussing a few of the newest characters so keep reading about this upcoming anime single player multiplayer RPG free to play title. 

So let’s address the story of Genshin Impact which is quite a doozy for this upcoming anime RPG.  

The Story is based in a world called Teyvat, In which, certain individuals chosen by the gods are given a Vision — magical gemstones that give their bearers the ability to control an element. The player starts out as a Traveler of unknown origin who is searching for a lost sibling. The player can choose between a male or a female version of the Traveler. As the adventure progresses, the player controls several other characters met by the Traveler on their journey, each with unique personalities and special abilities, as they undertake quests to understand the truth about the primordial gods of this world.  

 They did release a Brand new trailer giving off a bit more details on the story of genshin impact you’ll see on screen and not to mention we have 30+ brand new characters that are being added but in today’s video we will discuss a couple of them starting off with the Cryo Zombie, Qici.  

Qici, is an Ice Zombie that has been resurrected to help the traveler on his/her adventure. Her attacks are of course focused heavily on Ice Attacks due to her element being Cryo. They are based Around a lot of Area of effects attacks, freezing her foes, and even dealing heavy amounts of damage to Fire Enemies. Next up on the showcase of characters is Mona, the Hydro Mage. 

Mona, is a Hydro\Water Mage that studies in astrology and is actually one of the greatest astrologists in Teyvat. Even though she’s amazing with astrology she didn’t want to chase financial gain and that’s how she found herself with the traveler. Her water attacks are very effective against fire foes as well as qici. Her attacks seem quite similar to Qici but there are quite a few differences in each of her attacks. There seems to be a lot of deceiving in her attacks something can fool enemies or even confuse them. From what I’ve seen so far, her play-style is similar to a Control Type of Mage from World of Warcraft her attacks can change the tide of battle fairly quickly. On to the third character the Devs have showed us is keqing. 

Keqing is an Electro Queen, by far one of my favorite characters I can’t wait to play as, when the game launches in two weeks. Her Playstyle is similar to that of an assassin. Very quick and agile and as well as utilizing lightning attacks with each of her combos. Her element is stronger than water of course. She’s definitely first pick to have on my team of four just by looking at her trailer, she would fit my playstyle of being quick and agile.  

There are so many newer characters to cover in just one video, So I did choose a couple that’ll be arriving on September 28th. Keep in mind there will be brand new dungeon bosses as well as brand new enemy types to challenge our heroes like Hatchlings, which are Sand Dune monsters. A Cryo and Pyro Whopper flower which are plants that attack with their specific elements. The mighty trio that could potentially attack you at the same time is a Electro hammer, A Pyro-Slinger which is a guy with a fire sniper rifle, a Cryo Gunner. These elements could prove troublesome if your team of 4 isn’t well equipped to take care of 3 different element types and if you don’t have anything strong against them. There’s a couple of bosses I don’t want to spoil to much on each of these crazy elemental monsters. In which, I don’t agree too much on them showing us dungeons, monsters, and all the characters skill sets. I like the ultimate of surprise if I’m being honest but even with that it doesn’t turn me off from the whole game and I will see you guys soon on September 28th.

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