No Place For Bravery Pax Online Demo

  • Pax Online is now live right now for 8 days from September 12th to September 20th and one of the games they released for players to play right now is No Place for Bravery, the game will be released sometime in 2021. As of right now, we have a decent length demo that will last the entire duration of pax online. It’s similar to the fact it’s only limited because of the pandemic so normal content creators who originally would’ve went to Pax this year would of played first hand. So of course this year will be very different so today’s video I’ll discussing a couple key features this game has to offer during my Demo Playthrough of No Place For Bravery, a Top-Down 2D-RPG game that is very hard and brutal to the player similar to Sekiro or Any of the Souls games but it’s not slow like souls game and takes more of a Bloodborne approach like parrying and dashing away to dodge.  


  • You play as a Old Warrior by the name of Thorn, As he was training his daughter Leaf, she gets captured by a unknown force and now Thorn, as he struggles with past demons he searches the dangerous lands searching for his daughter while his son Phid tags along with you.  


  • The gameplay will remind you heavily of dark souls in a way so the yellow bar represents our hero’s defense and getting hit or defending for too long will break your guard  
  • Once a enemy is finished you can execute a finisher cause when enemies health reaches zero they’re not officially dead so you must execute  
  • Now throughout my play through this game can be difficult especially being surrounded by a lot of enemies 
  • The game does have a parrying system and as well as enemies have 3 different attack types 
  • Which are light, medium, and heavy. 
  • Light attacks doesn’t have a warning nor a white glow but it can be parried if timed right  
  • Medium attacks has a yellow glow and it cannot be blocked but it can be parried  
  • Heavy attacks will have a red glow and it can’t be blocked or parried 
  • The parrying will take some getting used to cause Thorn raises his shield in a slower manner so it’s not the same system as you’ll see in games like Code Vein, Dark Souls or Mortal Shell 
  • My biggest issue with the game is the combat now this is mainly a my problem type of thing but I didn’t realize I must move my cursor to point towards my enemies so I died a decent amount of times and maybe a few times of not healing myself when I needed too  
  • You can pray at bonfires a well to fill up your health potions and of course save your progress  
  • Now the boss battle that have destroyed me so many times in my first play through of the demo it took me many tries but I eventually won and obtained the Hammer Weapon which by the way it hits like a truck and can open up certain areas that are closed off by boulders 
  • The game did have a lot of lagging and stuttering issues and I got stuck in one buggy animation that I couldn’t get out of granted the game is still in demo.


  • The graphics will remind you heavily of old legend of Zelda games like for the game boy haha  
  • It’s a top down camera view as most of rpg games out to date 
  • There’s nothing else really special about the graphics the game most excels greatly in its actual gameplay and beautiful written story 


  • The soundtrack they made for the game is pretty epic it really keeps you in the setting of almost a Norse mythology or even Greek type of setting  
  • Music wasn’t too loud that it was overly distracting it was just nice and subtle beats that were rather enjoyable I can’t wait for the main game to come out so I can see the official OST  
  • One thing certain of me I love my video game soundtracks it’s one of the main things that can immerse me in any game  

I heavily enjoyed the game, I am quite a souls veteran of the genre and I love playing the many different versions of challenging brutal RPG Games. I get this exciting burst of energy and adrenaline when I play these games and it keeps me on the edge of my seat and even keep me on high alert and No place for bravery delivered that greatly and it’s only a demo. Keep in mind you’ll die a lot there’s no rushing this game trust me I tried so hard to survive this game and it just couldn’t work. I kept making mistakes that could literally cost you a life. The wrong side step and a misplace of a parry will cost you the game and you’ll be sent right back to your bonfire. The game will recommend you play it on controller due to the control schemes for PC for be a little awkward for some and be a little learning curve to actually make it a better play through. I did play the entire demo on PC just to see how it would be for PC players and it’s decent it could be better. The parrying is a little difficult to master and it took me a long time to figure it out and as write this script it’s still difficult to master or timing it right because the attacks are either to fast to really counter it especially in boss battles probably once full game come it’ll be a lot smoother than what We’re playing for a week. There was one boss that gave me the hardest time and it’s Thorns Nightmare…but I don’t want to spoil too much of the story just in. Case you guys wants to play for yourself. The game is currently in Demo status so go download it for yourself and play it all the way through you’ll have a good time. 

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