Deleveled PC First Impressions | New Geometry Dash?

Quantum AstroPhysics Devs has done it once again and gave your boy a copy of there latest game, Deleveled. Now you may recall I covered one of there games before and yes I have it’s called The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines and So today, I’ll be discussing a couple key points in Quantum Physics newest title in there library a very difficult but rewarding puzzle game where what comes up must go down, a momentum based puzzle platformer which is heavily inspired by Newton’s third law of motion and of course there’s no jump button so any type of vertical movement is from bouncing or falling and you must control two squares at the same time as you move through each level hitting switches, completing puzzles and bounce your way to the finish line.

The gameplay is very interesting it’s a like a more strategic geometry dash

What ever a block do must have a cause and effect so whatever 1 block do the other must follow

The core mechanics will remind you of geometry dash but a lot less flashier

To complete each level you must click all the green squares that appear on your level and once you do you touch the blue light at the same time to clear each level

As of course the game gets so much harder the more you progress

There are currently 10 levels and with each level there are 10 stages and a mystery stage and 1 stage locked behind a star wall which you obtain stars by completing stages without restarting so all together the game holds 120 challenging levels with each one having multiple creative solutions

This game is pretty difficult it’s challenging and puzzling I know a lot of puzzle gamers would love to play deleveled it’s not fast paced in your face think on the spot like geometry dash

Deleveled is more laid back and chill and will really rack your brain cells

The music is like this retro techno old 90s video game type of sound track

From what I notice the same song was on constant repeat as a loop so the game got me real used the soundtrack very fast

The graphics are nothing special to mention on the video due to how simple the game is that graphical differences doesn’t matter for this game

I had such a blast cracking my brain apart trying to figure out all of these puzzling platforms. You can’t speed through this game hence that each level is so different and unique and you have to truly think outside the box. Will this be the new generation of puzzle games just like geometry dash was? Yes, there’s not to much to the game but just a bunch of puzzles so if you come into this game thinking it will be like geometry dash no sir it’s a real simple but intriguing platformer puzzle game.

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