Monster Hunter Rise Reveal Trailer is Beautiful

Ohhhhh boyyyyyyy I seen this game appear in my feeds and boy oh boy did I scream in excitement because guess what Monster Hunter has a new game coming out March 21, 2021 but it’s only on Nintendo Switch. So that means boyyyyys I gotta get the switch. I’ll be discussing a couple key features about the brand new trailer showcasing Monster Hunter Rise.

So starting off with what probably will be many fans favorite thing to talk about is the new features that they added to the game. So from what I seen in the trailer you get your own personal mount like how in monster Hunter world you got your personal palico that was practically your companion in fights giving you heals and taking Aggro, well now we have a mount called a Palamute . While riding your Palamute, you can control it freely, allowing you to swiftly traverse locales without consuming stamina.

You can even use some items and heal up along the way! And he can help you in a fight just like the palico can.

The next update is the Wirebug, which is a new tool that can help you traverse from point to point. You can use the Wirebug in any direction you want, and it will pull you in, using a special kind of tough silk.

This not only lets you traverse steep and rocky terrain at high speeds, but can also be combined with weapon attacks for special combos!

Now let’s talk on the monsters, which is the main point of monster hunters is the very strange but awesome creatures.

We have Magnamolo, which he is the main antagonist of this monster Hunter game and he is a very strong admirable Fanged Wyvern.

The Aknosom, A huge Bird Wyvern that when he stands on one leg, its peculiar collar gives it the appearance of a monstrous parasol.

It is highly territorial, and whenever it finds enemies then it spreads its wings and unfolds the eye-like crest on its head to showing us he’s ready to fight.

The Great Izuchi, A Bird Wyvern whose tail has evolved into a scythe-like shape, which it uses to attack its prey.

Great Izuchi tend to roam around their territory in groups with smaller Izuchi, the sharpest two of the pack always at their leader’s side. Once they find their prey, they unleash a flurry of combination attacks

And finally so far we have the Tetranadon, An amphibian easily recognized by its gigantic, rotund body.

It is extremely gluttonous and swallows everything that moves whole, gravel and all.

Once it’s done eating, its stomach swells and it becomes slower, but its attacks also become heavier and much more destructive.

We have a brand new Hunter base as well which is called the Kamura Village. So a little story of Kamura Village and This village, known for its Tatara Steel, is where hunters make their living.

The Rampage, a calamity that ravaged the village 50 years ago, is about to occur again, so the inhabitants are in turmoil.

The hero has to become the best hunter there is and overcome this calamity with the help of all the villagers.

There’s a new location called, Shrine Ruins. a place where people prayed for protection, this shrine has fallen into decay and is now haunted by the roars of monsters, day and night.

However, it still maintains its holy nature and gives off a mysterious aura.

I’m really excited for more to come as I’m pretty sure the devs will show us more gameplay in the future and now I hope they do make the game playable for other consoles other than just the switch. My thoughts on this game is just pure excitement and I’m so happy to see another title added to the Monster Hunter Series.

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