Genshin Impact First Impressions

Well guys we finally made it and Genshin Impact is here live boiiiis. In today’s video, you’ll see me traversing the city of Mondstat and killing a lot of enemies and even pulling for a new character in the Banner system. As well as trying to solve Kaeya Riddle that almost had me fooled but I eventually figured it out.


The gameplay is phenomenal I didn’t want to put the game down at all

I spent about a good 2 hours of gameplay before I had to go to bed and I got amber as a companion and got Noelle from the Wish banner and you get her on your first try as well and I got my ice pretty boy Kaeya as well

The Combinations and the synergy of your attacks and your teams is beautiful and wonderful it’s very pleasing to see the game flow so smooth

The cinematic cutscenes makes me feel like I’m watching a whole anime and it makes me love the game even more

But more on to the pure gameplay, which one thing for sure about this game is the Gacha system. Now for any of you that is new to what a gacha is or new to some anime games. I see it commonly in mobile games like Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Legends, 7 Deadly Sins and etc. a Gacha system is basically where you use real money or in game currency to obtain characters through a “banner” with RNG on your side you may get a featured character or duplicate or a crappy character. These games rely heavily on the banner hence a Gacha game and Genshin Impact takes that onto a whole new level and the craze has already started people already spent 400+ dollars on this game just to get featured Units to help them in battle.

Another thing I noticed on my initial couple of hours playing the game is that you’ll get lost exploring so much stuff why I say that is because instead of doing main mission I got distracted killing small enemy camps and doing puzzles trying to get rewards like artifacts and boosting my characters up pretty high

I had lots of fun and I will definitely be turning this into a series on the channel

the Story so far is fantastic and I love the beautiful animations it literally fills like you’re watching anime

So In the beginning of the game you learn that you’re main traveler is actually a twin and you’re on the search for your other half depending on the gender you choose in the beginning cutscene I chose the waifu twin so I’m currently in search of my brother because we got bodied by a god

You get the most adorable cutest companion ever In the history of anime which her name is Paimon she’s just so adorable

⁃ the graphics are just beautiful

⁃ The scenery the cutscenes everything graphical of this game is just amazing

⁃ I am playing on PC but I’m stil pretty sure your experience on console should be exactly the same as mine

Thank you guys for watching episode 1 of Genshin Impact series. Definitely subscribe I you want to see more content on this amazing game to watch me go through more adventures together definitely catch me on twitch very soon when we go on many adventures on many mmos and RPGs. Until next time my outcast it’s been your boy ChaosDTV signing out peace

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