Genshin Impact Patch Update 1.1 has been leaked?!? New Characters + Gacha Changes

As of a couple days ago a lot of the Genshin Impact Community was anticipating a new patch update in September. Well, thats pretty much what we received a couple days ago as a player in the communtiy by the name of shenji gave us the translated version of the China Website for the update and heres the overview:

All Updates Overview

  • Daily resin claim
  • Private messaging system
  • Ability to see friends who are online
  • An ultra graphic setting for 60 fps play on Android added
  • Main storyline quest continuation (after rank 30)
  • New event with rewards such as a Wing-Glider
  • New character: Zhongli
  • New world area and city: Inazuma
  • New event reward character: 神里绫华 (English name unknown). Obtainable at AR42 after completing main story quests in Liyue city.
  • Fixed a bug with Traveller’s geo skill
  • Fixed a texture error

New Characters:


The new Geo-using character Zhongli will become playable as of Patch 1.1! Zhongli was previously seen in aspects of the game, but is only now set to become playable.


Xinyan is a totally new character who is engulfed in fire in the promotional art, leading to the obvious conclusion that she’s a Pyro user. Not much else is known about this mysterious new character!


Diona is a Cryo user of relatively small stature. Not much is known about her currently.


Childe is a Hydro user that was seen previously in the campaign, but will now finally be a playable character in the upcoming patch.

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