Genshin Impact Co-op Event Release?

On October 10th, Mihoyo announces on the official website that there will be a coop event coming to the world of Teyvat. The Event is called The Elemental Crucible and is our first ever event for this triple AAA game.

Overview of Elemental Crucible

So we will work together with other Players to gather Elemental Clots into the Elemental Crucible to advance the alchemical process. After the alchemical transmutation is completed, consume Original Resin to receive bounties, including Character EXP materials, Adventure EXP, and more. Bounties will be calculated based on each Traveler’s individual World Level. You can also obtain rewards such as Primogems, Character Ascension materials, and more by completing achievements in the Alchemy Handbook.

(Once the event has been unlocked, Travelers may open the event menu by pressing F5 (PC), tapping the compass icon in the top-right corner (mobile), or holding the L1 button and selecting the compass from the Shortcut Wheel (PS4).)

Start Time
For event details, please see the in-game notice.

Event Page Requirements
Reach Adventure Rank 20 or higher and complete all quests in Prologue: Act II – For a Tomorrow Without Tears

Event Eligibility
Complete Timaeus’s quest One Giant Step for Alchemy?

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