Quantum Astrophysics Guild Retro Indie Twin-Stick Shooter Breakpoint


One thing I noticed is the game reminds you of old Galaga games on the arcade way back in the day

The gameplay is very simple you click and your ship attacks and you must defend yourself as you only have 3 lives in total and if you get hit once it’s game over for that life and rinse and repeat

From my gameplay you can obtain several different weapons to utilize to help you get a higher score like a hammer, spear, broadsword and katana

The whole point of the game is to destroy the enemy ships to obtain a high score so something that is definitely a laid back chill type of game

I kept trying to beat my own high score and it’s definitely a fun game to compare with your friends

You do catch a break in the game literally a break is basically a big explosion that wipes the board of any ships nearby to give you breathing room

Each weapon has a charge the more you kill the more you power up your weapon choice which gives you the ability to take out more enemies with a bigger swing


The graphics is a bit revised edition of old arcade games that had similar play styles

One neat thing about breakpoint is if you’re playing on PC and you have a Corsair keyboard you can connect the lighting from the game to ICUE software for your keyboard so it lights up just like in the game


The music is kinda a steady pace which is something from the 80s really retro but I was vibing to it as I’m slaughtering many space ships

My thoughts:

⁃My thoughts on this fun intriguing retro game is that I had a lot of fun. Now before you guys go into this game thinking you can drop a lot of hours into it like many other games sadly this game isn’t that type of game it’s more of the likes of wave after wave of ships is attacking you and you must defend yourself while avoiding being touched by the ship or you’ll die horribly just like I did over and over again after constant playing I got ranked 837 in the world out of 1600 or so players yayyy. A little reminder I stream on twitch many games like Archage, Guild Wars 2 even Genshin impact and many more mmos and RPGs 3 days out the week at night around 8 or 9pm est. so if you wanna come hang out please come do so if you like daily tweets about mmos and RPGs go follow my Twitter and if you want to support my channel go subscribe to my Patreon and with that being said my outcasts it’s been your boy ChaosDTV signing out peace


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