The Elder Scrolls Online Newest Character being added to Markarth and She’s a Cunning, Mysterious Advisor

So Today Bethesda released the final ‘Meet The Character’ for Markarth, Dark Heart Expansion. Her name is Lady Belain she is the Chief Advisor for Ard Caddach.

So a little back story on who exactly she is Bethesda wrote “ she first appeared during the period when Caddach ruled the city as Imperial Governor under Emperor Moricar. Many foreigners came to Markarth in those days; Lady Belain represented herself as a Breton noble from an obscure family, with certain scholarly and arcane interests in the Reach. She established a household in Markarth’s heights, bringing with her a small number of closemouthed servants and importing luxurious furnishings from distant lands.”

No one truly knows her true motives in the city of Markarth. So be careful about trusting her but you can meet her in the halls of Markarth November 10th when the Final DLC of the Dark Heart expansion concludes.

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