Archage’s New Expansion seems promising and Fun

Happy Friday for all my mmo players out there and I got something amazing for you guys. So Gamigo sent me a hot email to show you guys that they are releasing a brand new expansion called The Rise of Nehilya.

The Rise of Nehliya, the next chapter in the saga of Erenor, arrives on November 12. Explore a new map, with nine new Main Story Quests that introduces you to the Mysthrane Gorge, the Risopoda and Nehliya, The Queen of Annihilation! Put Farmhands to work on your farm; harvesting plants and livestock has never been easier!

But there’s more as the Rock’n’Scroll event returns on November 12 to help you and your viewers get ready for the new zone and challenges! Exchange Rock’n’Scroll gems for various rewards to help improve gear or snag other useful goodies. More information about the event is available here. It keeps getting better with the on-going Daily Login Event for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained lasting until November 16! You will be rewarded just by logging in daily as well

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