Niantic is releasing there biggest content update for Pokémon Go

So Pokémon Go is receiving one of there biggest updates since the games launch. This new update adds a couple new features.

Overall Features:

• New Level Cap to level 50 for both players and Pokémon

• Adding Gen 6 Pokémon from the Kalos Region

• Seasons will be added to the game

6th Gen Pokémon being added:

The Go Battle League is also getting a major overhaul as well. As of December 1st Pokémon from the Kalos Region will start to roll out. The initial Pokemon species include the starter Pokemon Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin and their respective evolutions, along with Fletchling, Litleo, and Bunnelby.

Seasons being Added:

These seasons will incorporate real world weather based on hemisphere (so players in the Northern Hemisphere can expect more Ice-type Pokemon during the winter, while Southern Hemisphere can expect more Fire-type Pokemon), along with Pokemon that fit the “theme” of the season. So with that being said The seasons will also determine which Pokemon will appear more regularly in every area. So, Rattata might appear during one season of play, but then switched out for Sentret the following season. The First season will be called Season of Celebration.

New Level Cap:

Both players and Pokemon will be able to reach Level 50 after this new update, with high level players earning specialized avatar items and other perks in addition to having access to higher level Pokemon. These higher levels won’t require a major XP grind – instead, players will need to complete difficult objectives to reach these milestones. Examples given include catching 100 Pokemon in a single day, or completing raids using only certain types of Pokemon.

As rewards for completing these high level tasks, Pokemon Go players will also get XL Candies, which can be used to level up Pokemon past their normal Level 40 max. Normal Candies (those obtained by catching and transferring Pokemon) won’t be able to further power up a Pokemon past Level 40 – only XL Candies will work.

Go Battles gets a major overhaul:

The final changes to Pokémon Go is the Seasons of Go Battle League will now last three months, and the ranking system will receive a major overhaul. There are now 24 ranks for players to achieve, which will help get rid of the “Level 7 wall” that many players have faced when trying to reach the upper echelons of the game. The first Go Battle League season with the new rankings will launch November 30th.

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