Amazon New World End Game Content Reekwater

so if you all know Amazon New World was pushed until Spring 2021. I did play the day it was supposed to release back in august but the dev team thought they should pull the plug on the game. Work more on End Game content and to fill in certain content during early to mid stages of this ambitious Mmo set in Aeternum. The recent update to the game is ReekWater.

A handful of players was given early access to the brand new murky region. So this Zone is meant for players who range from levels 58-60, in Reekwater it’s like a haunted swamp full of nasty high leveled mobs to keep you busy while you’re fishing and enjoying the swampy waters. A brand new feature to the game being added with this update is fishing. Fishing is being added as a trade skill and as a engineer you can craft fishing poles.

Certain New Features:

• The quest line of Reekwater will lead us on a new path to discover the origins of the Azoth infused waters, the life cycle of the Dryads, and the role of the Ancient Guardians played in this region of Aeternum.

• We also have a lot more new enemy types to battle against

• 4 Swamp Dryads – which they are Angry Earth creatures who use the power of the bog and azoth to fight the player.

• Undead Pirate Brute – Imagine the brute as a pirate with a cannon on his back

• 2 Swamp Fiends – One of these fiends charges toward the player and explodes, while the other prefers to overwhelm unwary adventurers with a flood of melee attacks.

• Creepers – A new type of tendril with some new attacks and strong poison damage.

• Sufferance of the Elders – A swamp version of the beast that pulls minions from the ground. Throws a mean spike.

• The Protector of the Source – A boss version of the Sufferance of the Elders, with increased difficulty. The Protector consumes minions to grow stronger and throws out homing spikes. So since fishing has been added to the game here’s a few things to look forward to about this new skill.

• Added a wide array of fish to all the waters (fresh and salt!) of Aeternum.

• Added fishing rods as a new tree within the Engineering tradeskill. There are 5 tiers of fishing rods to be crafted. There are 11 unique perk types available for fishing rods.

• Added fishing hotspots to greatly increase the bite speed and rarity of fish . Your ability to find hotspots increases with your Fishing Skill

• Gather, cook, and loot to find bait that increases your chance of catching rare fish.

Let’s discuss a little bit more on how the combat has changed with this new update

• Healing and blocking now generate threat.

• The Sword Mastery tree has been updated to make two abilities generate threat. (Players can expect updates to other mastery trees later.)

• Added a taunt to Shield Bash.

• Added an AoE threat bonus to Intimidating Rush.


We want our elite and champion enemies to be more challenging and offer unique gameplay twists.

• The elite system allows us to assign 1-3 traits to enemies that vary gameplay. These can be specifically assigned or random.

• There are 3 categories of traits:

• Offensive – includes elemental damage, damage bonus, block damage bonus

• Defensive – includes increased health, increased armor, increased elemental resistance

• Utility – includes explodes on death, frost aura

• Devs will keep adding traits over time.

• We’ve also added an inherent elite buff that all elites and champions will get. This buff makes Grit attacks unbreakable, but reduces the block damage they do (to allow tanks to better handle multiple enemies).

• Difficulty for level 50 combat has been increased across the board. Please note this will require even more tuning moving forward as we continue to refine our end-game

How do you guys like the new update? Is it something you guys would love to see from New World is this taking a turn in the right direction for this mmorpg. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section. My thoughts is I believe the game is going in the right direction yes granted we got a lot of reschedules over the course of the year but the way they pushed it till next year helps make the game better for players especially End Game content. It’s taking the same route such as a triple A title like cyberpunk 2077. The Devs needs to focus heavily on end game content and have a good early to mid stage bits of the game as we slide into end game.

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