Albion Online Newest Dev Talk explains certain new feature updates

Albion Online Game Director Robin Henkys gave a detailed list of newest updates coming to expansive sandbox mmo. launched on October 21, that brings a decent amount of improvements to Corrupted Dungeons, the Roads of Avalon, and combat as a whole and In the newest Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys discusses major improvements coming to Faction Warfare and Hellgates with the next content update.

Faction Warfare

The devs wanted to expand Faction Warfare into a major activity for players of all levels. They wanted players that doesn’t have large guilds to experience the excitement of massive battles, while also allowing maintaining Faction Warfare as a valuable and rewarding activity for experienced players.

To achieve this, theyre changing the following:

  • Faction Conquest: In addition to Outposts, factions will be able to conquer entire zones. To provoke large-scale battles, Factions will only be able to attack Outposts and zones that border another Faction.
  • Faction Points: Points will be awarded not only for taking Outposts and zones, but also for killing enemy defenders. Loyalty to a faction will become more important via Faction ranks and weekly/monthly Faction Campaigns with valuable rewards.
  • Core System Changes: To encourage beginning and mid-level players to participate, Faction Warfare in blue/yellow zones will be non-lethal, instead allowing knocked-out players to rejoin the fight from their nearest Outpost. At the same time, the red zones will contain the highest-value Faction Warfare areas, and will offer a unique red zone battle event to encourage high-value, full-loot Faction Warfare.

With these changes, Robin think Faction Warfare will become the perfect way for new Albion players to get their first experience of large-scale warfare, while offering a deep and interesting activity for veteran players who don’t have an Outlands guild or want to enjoy large-scale warfare even when their guild is not currently fighting.

The Next Content coming to the update is:


Hellgates are an integral feature of Albion Online, letting players participate in high-stakes PvP in a challenging but balanced battleground. Hellgates were developed during the Alpha phase of Albion Online, and it’s finally time to give them the attention they deserve.
Goals of the new Hellgates:

  • Make them more accessible by adding Hellgate maps, which lead to a Hellgate in the open world (similar to Dungeon Maps) whenever your group is ready.
  • Make them more rewarding by adding a ranking system and an Infamy-like system that boost your rewards as your ranking increases.
  • Make them more competitive by reworking the matchmaking system, ensuring you get matched with challenging opponents and don’t receive rewards without fighting. We’re also adding all-new 10v10 Hellgates.
  • Make them more polished via a complete rework of their visuals and their PvE experience. The new Hellgates will offer varied PvE challenges and rewards while waiting for an enemy team, as well as a variety of different Hellgate layouts.

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In the meantime, you can look forward to the upcoming Play Store beta as well as major changes for Season 11 (including updates to Season Point scoring and the Outlands map) which Ill cover in an upcoming Dev Talk.

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