Top 10 Best MMORPGs to play right now into 2021

Oooooo boy it’s almost 2021 and this year went by very fast. As you guys who are new here to the ChaosDTV channel I’ve covered a top 10 mmos back in the summer and that video did exceptionally well and so today’s blog is a more updated List of MMORPGs to keep you entertained going into the new year. That being said Welcome to all my new viewers to the ChaosDTV world as I cover mmos, RPGs, and indie games through first impressions, News Videos and guide as well if that’s something you like and a fresh new take on your favorite and New titles in those genres then hit the like and subscribe button to come on the journey into 2021 with the Outcast Family

RuneScape 3:

first on are list of MMORPGs is RuneScape 3. The more modernized updated version of Old School RuneScape. This game was a absolute failure due to attempting to strip away the core values of the original RuneScape and the player base tanked harder than you getting bodied by chicken on legend of Zelda. After years of its releases and constant updates the games license moved over to steam and players were able to play the game even on steam and that’s what made me get back into the game. Even though most veteran players would trash this new modern RuneScape but I see some true value or potential in the game. During my inital play through the game was essentially far easier than playing the original due to the game being more casual friendly instead of its hardcore ways in the original. This is a good title to pick up on your steam library if you’re looking for a new edition to your catalogue of games to play in the mmo world and the graphics look decent and combat is still turn based-ish and it’s still free to play even being on steam so that’s good.


now I’ve had my fair share of play time in this interesting take on the mmo genre. So Crowfall Devs placed there game under a paywall with multiple different one time purchases with each payment having different bonuses and such. The game is centered around a core feature called Throne Wars. Every 30 or so days the servers go live and characters you made are wiped clean and you start anew you can make so many different builds consisting of Class and Race each one of these will play a different role in the universe of Crowfall and your actions in battle will change the course of the game. It excels most in the other feature of the game called Guild Vs Guild battles and it has a good campaign to take your from level 1-20.

Guild Wars 2:

you can never go wrong with finally hopping into Guild Wars 2 with plenty of content to battle through and new expansions have been released and the game newest expansion is End of Dragons that should be releasing soon in 2021 so this is plenty of time to finally hop into Guild Wars 2 and burn through the first two expansions Path of Fire and Heart of thorns. As of November 2020, Guild Wars 2 was released on Steam as well. Whether your starting from steam or the client downloader Guild Wars 2 is a good pick up to play right now in 2020 and even 2021.


  1. Mabinogi is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by devCAT and published by Nexon. It features a dynamic combat system, dungeons, crafting, pets, unique skills, Spirit Weapons, a music creation system, and much more. The FEATURES Real-Time Combat | Engage in real-time combat with combo attacks, defensive skills, counter-attacking, and special move.
    Private Dungeon System | Use special items to create your own dungeon with progressive levels of difficulty.
    Unique Skill System | Gain sword, bow, magic, and many other kinds of skills by learning and training in them.
    Cute Pets | Obtain pets to fight at your side or carry your stuff.
    Spirit Weapons | Build a Spirit Weapon, level it up, and wield it in battle.
    Comprehensive Crafting | Create, customize, and sell your own items in Mabinogi’s Production System.
    Compose Music | Compose music and play a variety of instruments.

Albion online:

any one whose been around the Chaos Realm long enough should know I’m a avid fan of Albion Online ever since I covered the game as a first impression months ago. Since then the game had a rocky year this year but then it was saved when the Corrupted Dungeons were introduced to the game. It added more content to the end game and even made it competitive and casual friendly but there were some hiccups with this update especially the reward system. Essentially Albion Online will feed your needs for a player driven economy and a sandbox mmmorpg to explore to your hearts content and the fact your character doesn’t have a set class as in your can create your own class by mixing classes like rogue, tank and mage and much more there’s many combinations to choose from.

Phantasy Star Online 2:

after it finally was released to PC it probably was the worst day for this amazing game. The Microsoft client massacred my boy players couldn’t even login to the game everything went wrong the Fire nation attacked it was just all bad but Steam said it’s okay we can be the avatar and the save the day as PSO2 has a concurrent player base of over 18k players and a average of 12k players. Episode 6 will be releasing on the 9th of December by the time of this video being recorded Beyond new story content, Episode 6 will include Phantom and Etoile classes to check out and will raise the level cap to 95. All of the Episode 6 content releases on December 9 for free. Episode 6’s story picks up after the alternate dimension Omega was able to get rid of the gigantic black hole. The victory doesn’t last long as the ARKS find a new foe in the form of the Goddess of Annihilation Shiva, who declares war upon the entire universe. It’s now up to players to go up against her fleets of spaceships in what Sega is calling “the most massive battle in the history of ARKS.”

Final Fantasy XIV:

Final Fantasy 14 is the perfect time to play the game or to come back to the game due to one of its major biggest patches is coming to the game December 8th. Final Fantasy 14 saw an end to the story of Shadowbringers in the form of patch 5.3. In patch 5.4 Square Enix’s typical format wraps up an expansion’s story with updates following launch, leaving future free patches to pave the way for the game’s next paid edition. The update next Tuesday will continue your warrior of light’s tale, with some interesting, new revelations and insight into where the game will take us next. Sadly for newer players the game is behind a pay wall and is not free but there is a vastly large free trial to take you through most of the game campaign.

Soul Worker:

Now if you want a decent dungeon crawler similar to the likes of Kritika Reboot then Soul Worker is right up your alley. You get plenty of characters to choose from that have there own background behind them and they’re own abilities and skill sets. Just like kritika, you essentially go through many different instances like dungeons and clear them out and get to the final boss of the area and rinse and repeat while you come back to your main hub world to upgrade your character and much more. The visuals look amazing and you can get lost running through so many dungeons.

Old School RuneScape:

my personal favorite mmorpg that I started and was actually my first mmorpg I’ve ever played growing up back in 2008. This is one of the true founders of the mmorpg genre and kinda the one that paved forward along with World of Warcraft. OSRS is truly remarkable even though it lacks in graphics but it makes up for pure core values like music, pvp and pve and much more. Players still prefer this version over RuneScape 3 what I mentioned earlier in the list. It doesn’t have a steam release but you can still find it in its glory on the old RuneScape website. The Devs still give the game continuous updates and players still can’t stop playing even though the game is very dated

World of Warcraft:

  1. we made it to the last of the list and it’s World of Warcraft for the simple fact you have a brand new expansion called Shadowlands and you can play Classic WoW which for you all who don’t know what classic wow is? It’s basically the true original way of playing Wow when it first ever came out so enjoy the difficulty. Shadowlands dropped last month and it brought in new and old players alike.

That wraps up my last top 10 MMORPGs list for the year. I hope you guys enjoyed and have a amAzing holiday playing your favorite mmos into the new year if you guys enjoyed the list then please hit that like button and share this list to your friends who needs new MMORPGs to play and definitely if you enjoyed me today and want so much more content for you to binge to then hit that subscribe button and until next time my outcasts it’s been your boy ChaosDTV signing out peace

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