Black Desert Announces new NOVA Class and Pearl Abyss has a new publisher for the West?

Black Desert announced the other day that players will be seeing a new devastating powerful class by the name of Nova, the Eternally Blazing Star. Which will be releasing for players on December 22nd on PC, Console, and mobile all at the same time and you can pre-load the class December 16th.

To celebrate the upcoming new class, players can get a variety of free gifts for logging inon three separate dates, including Cron Stones, a Tier 7 horse, gift boxes, and other goodies. The Calpheon Ball also brought several coupon codes players can redeem for a limited time. And of course, there’s a little bit of lore about the Nova herself.

The Calpheon Ball also gave rise to the announcement that Pearl Abyss will be taking over western PC publishing duties of Black Desert from Kakao Games, which was further elaborated on in a separate announcement post that thanks Kakao for its support and promises “a smooth transition [of service] with as little disruption [to players] as possible.”

How Hyped are you guys for the new class? Let me know in the comments below. I’m quite excited and it’s probably the one thing that may make me come back to the game after not playing so long.

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