Crimson Desert Release for Winter 2021? The Game Awards Gameplay Trailer Discussion

The Game Awards was just more than giving out amazing awards to awesome games they’re also good place to showcase some awesome games for the upcoming new year in 2021. One awesome game that I had in my radar was Crimson Desert a new upcoming RPG that was originally meant to be a mmorpg but was turned into a multiplayer open world rpg experience. Let’s jump right into the blog as we talk about the new features and updates about the new title that will be releasing almost exactly a year from now into Winter 2021.

Pearl Abyss, the Korean developers of the Hit title And a vast mmorpg called Black Desert Online. They intended to turn there next title crimson desert into a mmorpg but quickly scrapped that idea and turned it into a open world rpg game. We finally was able to see a full gameplay trailer at this years Game Awards and let’s just it was fantastic. The graphics and Engine works behind this game is fairly spectacular and just plain ol beautiful. the game tells the story of a mercenary fighting for survival in the vast continent of Pywel, with a focus on realistic depictions of characters and narratives meaning your actions will dictate the story and livelihood of the continent of pywel. A huge narrative driven story arc will mean we will be having a lot of content to push through from main to side quests and a lot of character relations to grind through. At the Game Awards, the Devs gave us a good 5 minutes worth of gameplay, characters, combat and much more as they can show us. Thanks to a couple sources we can learn about a few frequently ask questions a lot of players were speculating about the game.

First Question we got is crimson desert a sequel to black desert online. The shortest answer to that is no, like I said earlier there were original plans for this game to be a mmorpg and as well as be prequel to Black Desert. In which this game will have its very own standalone IP and it will have certain similarities to black desert.

Next we have is the story of crimson desert which as of right now it’s just a short summary of the game until we get further news of it since the gameplay was strictly gameplays and such but the story is set in the world Pywel, your job is to travel to the different regions, uniting them under your cause and recruiting allies.

There’s a few snippets on the game’s website, but the clearest summary of the story is this: “The King of Demeniss, Unifier of Lands, lies in a coma. In the ensuing power vacuum, those who have suffered under his iron rule now seek to exploit his weakness. Some who have felt the oppression of his conquests seek only independence, but others dream of gaining their own absolutist rule.”

Next we have is the combat mechanics something that us as players normally worry about and dear god this game gameplay is beautiful and awesome. The trailer showcased a medieval style setting meaning we get the usual medieval era style fighting. The player character has large swings when they fight with swords axes and such and a little feature of melee based weapons, ranged weapons had a small cameo in the trailer as the devs wanted to show us the emphasis on melee weapons. I noticed in the trailer that our character had quite the acrobatic flow of style like I’ve seen him drop a stone cold stunner or even a whole neck breaker so it seems as is if our character is more of using the environment or thinking on his feet to his advantage. You as well have certain characters that will join your team. Each of these characters background of there past will influence how they act and react in battle and how they approach and access situations.

As I close this episode on crimson desert, I’ll love to see what you guys think about the development of crimson desert in the comment section below? Are you guys excited like I am then let me know. If you guys want any more updates on any of your favorite games in the mmo, rpg and indie gaming world then follow my Twitter, if you want to join the discord outcast family then the link is in the description. If you want to help support the channel you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for free or head over to my Patreon and spend either 3-5 bucks a month to help support the growth of the channel/Blog and you get goodies like digital badges and early access to any content I produce. Happy holidays everyone!

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