Blade and Soul Upcoming 5th Anniversary patch!

It’s been one heck of a 5 year span for this awesome mmorpg, Blade and Souls. As we come close to the 5th year anniversary of blade and soul on January 13th.

One of the first features coming to the MMO is the New Heart Tier.

Which is essentially, As enemies become stronger, we as well get stronger and Dauntless is the next Heart tier, and upgrading it will unlock additional Attack Power, Critical, and HP along with the chance to trigger the Dauntless Strike, which can deal 900% of Attack Power at five stacks.

The next feature is the new Legendary PvP weapons.

The new legendary weapons will be arriving in January 13. Complete the Daily Quest and Weekly Quests from Nova Core, Whirlwind Valley, and Beluga Lagoon to collect Realmkeeper Fragments and Ores to upgrade your Dragonfang Weapon – Stage 7/8/9 to Realmkeeper – Stage 1/2/3. Realmkeeper Fragments and Ores can also be acquired from Battle Trader Eosin for 1,500 and 3,000 Battle Points, respectively.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s news blog as in 2 days the anniversary will launch so be prepared.

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