Top 10 Upcoming MMORPGs in 2021

What’s Up Outcasts Fam, today’s blog we got a doozy for you guys and it’s the top 10 mmorpg titles that will be releasing sometime in 2021 I will be trying to give out dates and times of each release of not then I’ll tell you the season the devs expected the game to release in. I hope you guys are excited just like I am cause we got a awesome playlist for you today.

10. Ashes of Creations | intrepid studios | PC | 2021 ?

Now I’ve covered Ashes of Creation I believe once or twice on my channel specifically the livestreams from the devs. This is essentially a fantasy medieval based style game set in a open world. One big takeaway from this game is the main mechanic of the game which is the players actions will dictate which cities will rise and fall and quests will populate and unlock dynamically based on where players are most active and successful. This should, theoretically, lead to a very diverse and ever-changing environment. Ashes of Creation hopes to have something for every type of player from detailed quests, engaging end-game PvE dungeons and boss battles, epic PvP combat zones, town sieges, and so much more and as well The economy is very player-driven with a traveling caravan system which makes transporting goods and resources just as important as collecting them. This type of game style is really epic in my opinion because questing is not so linear and almost every specific action you do can change the course of the game. There were alpha and beta tests all throughout 2020 so we should be seeing a full releasing some time later in 2021.

9. Blue Protocol | Bandai Namco | PC | 2021

Almost similar to ashes of creation, Blue Protocol has seen its very own fair share of alpha and beta tests. Blue Protocol is an open-world anime-style free-to-play MMORPG that looks to have extremely flashy and fast-paced combat. Now this type of game will remind you of a big hit last year which was genshin impact but Blue Protocol is more on the mmo side other than genshin impact. There was big talk about blue protocol type of game would fail but then genshin impact success paved a way forward for blue protocol to have a successful launch as well and luckily we were able to receive a western launch for this upcoming year after each testing was based in the East.

8. Crimson Desert | pearl Abyss | PC, Xbox series x/a, PS5, | Winter 2021

This individual title shocked every content creator you can think of when Crimson Desert was officially announced for this year winter and the amazing gameplay trailer that was just pure epic ness and raw excitement as it was aired at Video games awards 2020 edition and the boys over at pearl abyss wanted to hook us up with there latest project and this is essentially going to be a MMO or a Non-MMO. The devs only explained it will be a RPG experience with elements of a MMORPG so that is why you are seeing this game on a mmo list and the structure of the core game is based on Black Desert structure but we don’t know if BDO and Crimson Desert has a direct link.

7. Crowfall | Artcraft | PC | 2021-2022

one of many Kickstarter-funded MMOs that, despite the a lot of backlash from a lot of players including myself crowfall don’t seem to have died and faded into pure oblivion. So how crowfall works is that players battle it out for control of a centralized throne of power essentially being a Throne War PvP as most of the game combat and large scale combat is located in the Dregs vs Dregs mode and There are massive territories to control and a dynamic player-driven economy that’s always shifting in power.

6. Elyon: Ascent Realm | Krafton | PC | 2021-2022

This game looks pretty and it’s a Tera clone but there’s so much more it gives me BDO vibes and Final Fantasy Vibes as well. One of the big draws for Elyon is the focus on big-scale epic battles in terms of letting players not only control mechs and airships directly, but also in huge Realm vs Realm battles as well. It’s also promising a very flexible housing system, which is great. Man a lot of Guild Vs Guild MMOs are dropping this year to keep you busy throughout the year so definitely be on the lookout for these awesome MMOs.

5. Lost Ark | Tripod Studios & SmileGate | PC | 2021

Lost Ark will remind you heavily of The hit Diablo series with its top down camera work and the core gameplay will give you flashbacks of Path of Exile and Diablo Series with a MMO framework. Sadly there’s not much to speak on for lost ark since it’s currently only in Korean Language but later this year we will receive more information on this awesome action mmorpg.

4. Magic Legends | Cryptic Studios and Perfect World | PC, Xbox, and PS | 2021

Now if you love card games like magic the gathering whether it’s the PC version or the actual raw card game then you’ll love this next installment which is Magic Legends. This is a brand new action rpg based in the world of Magic The gathering. Magic Legends will use a lot of similar themes and ideas from the card-based game, such as colors that determine thematic abilities and powers, but mixing it with mostly top-down gameplay that’s once again reminiscent of Diablo.

3. New World | Amazon Games | Spring 2021

Last year testing I was able to play New World and I had an amazing time playing the game granted the game had its fair of exploits and clunky combat and repetitive quests I feel like the game was too much based on PvP and not much PVE thankfully the game was pushed again literally like 4 times to get a final release of spring 2021. If you like open-world emergent gameplay that has a big focus on players controlling territories, getting into fights with other guilds, and warring over the game world then that’s exactly what this is all about. The verdict is still out on how appealing it will be over the long term, but it has a solid foundation with Dark Souls-style action combat.

2. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen | Visionary Realms | PC | 2021-2022

Pantheon has been in development for quite some time. If you might have notice but the pure gameplay graphics and core features is more of a callback to the early 2000s based MMOs with heavy focus on team based-PVE content with dungeon and raids. One of the primary designers on Pantheon, Brad McQuaid, passed away during development in 2019 and he was widely considered as one of the forefathers of the modern MMO since he was originally the Lead Designer on the first EverQuest with Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Games). Pantheon was his final project he worked on and for me personally, I can’t wait to see it finally come to life fully. But, it’s probably still quite far away.

1. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis | Sega | Xbox, PC | 2021

This new addition to PSO2 is god tier and I can’t wait to play this game. So let put you guys hip to the situation we are currently at so Phantasy Star Online 2 already came out in 2020, but Sega is releasing a totally new version of the game that will co-exist alongside PSO2 in a sort of “parallel universe” as the developer describes. The PSO games are all about fast-paced action combat that feel and look more like something out of Devil May Cry than what most people associate with MMOs. It’s got a ton of anime-style flair, a wide variety of weapons and classes, and tons of content.

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