Rune Knights a Brand New Co-Op Action RPG is here!

Welcome to Rune Knights the game that’s all about a crap ton of enemies and awesome modded weapons. This game is a blast to play we got a bit so great character creation but it’s not that important because Rune Knights excel at pure unadulterated Gameplay. Let’s dive into the beautiful yet deadly world of Rune Knights as we watch me get jumped by a bunch of spiders and 1v1ing a Giant spider and getting my butt lit up.

Rune Knights is a cooperative action RPG focused on customization, crafting, and combat. Customize your character’s aesthetics, stats, and gameplay as you battle through procedurally generated and hand-crafted levels and let me tell you what I’ve ventured through the first 3 levels of this game and the world of rune knights is really bland and empty but I believe the game thrives more on the actual combat and modded weapons and since the game is still in early development I’ll love to see more life brought to the game like npc’s and a little tune up on the core gameplay mechanics like the actual combat as it’s a little too clunky and the game is a bit laggy as well as I’m playing it on a decent Pc of a 1660 oc Ventus and a Ryzen cpu. But other than that the game is pretty simple and straightforward.

The certain mobs you come across are really average there’s not much difference in variant types. Like you have spiders, Orcs, and Some Royal Knights. You can upscale the enemies to your level but it seems the game difficulty has drastically changed and that means my ass got clapped harder than getting fus ro dah off a mountain in Skyrim…corny right? But never mind that the most fun I’ve had was running up head first into battle with my different builds and seeing how well did each one work. Oh did I forget to mention the game has a class system but not your average class that you might think of and With different weapons you can focus on different builds the weapons I found so far is a Sword, to a bow and arrow, to a Mace, and to a staff and a mechanic called Focus which using magic from something like a catalyst and as well to go with it is the very interesting talent tree of 8 different talents or what I’ve seen different play styles you can base your character off of. I had fun playing as a straight 2 handed tank by utilizing the ground smash ability Or when I grabbed a powerful mace and hand magic duo which led to some spicy destruction. Now there is a hefty little stone called the runes or others that are just like it which lets you reroll any modifications on any of your weapons or armor.

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