The Luster Class will be releasing in Phantasy Star Online 2 Next Week!

Phantasy Star Online 2 will be getting its first major content update of the year next week featuring the new Luster Class, new story quests, a level cap increase, and more.

The Luster is the brand new successor class that can be unlocked upon reaching at least level 75 in two basic classes and the only class in the game that can only exclusively equip Gunslash weapon types. Gunslash weapons give ARKs wielding them the ability to switch combat stances depending on the weapon’s elemental attribute: Wind/Lightning for high-speed attacks, Fire/Dark for aggressive, close combat, and Ice/Light for defensive, long-range attacks. This allows the Luster to quickly adapt to any combat situation and/or role.

The brand new update will be released on February 3rd. Along with a new character class we will also be getting Episode 6 to further flesh out the story, Ultra-Hard difficulties will be added for The Malevolent Void and The Call of the Void Urgent Quests along with Extreme and Elite Training simulations in the Risk Realm, all of which will offer better rewards to players who rise to the challenge.

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