What’s wrong with Astellia Royal and why should you be concerned?

What’s going on Outcasts, In today’s blog you’re about to read is more of a discussion based topic on the world of Astellia and what exactly the devs went wrong with developing both Astellia Royal the free counterpart and Astellia Online the paid version. So let’s start off with I’ve played a couple hours of Astellia Royal and I had a interesting yet fun time playing this free to play mmo. So a little backstory behind the game is that Astellia Royal is a free counterpart to the original Astellia Online which is the Buy-to-Play version now this essentially gave me a Heavy Archage Unchained and Archage type of vibes where the devs see that there paid game is slowly dying so they make a free version with a small upgrade to the game. Now this game isn’t exactly a diss video or complaining more if I wish BORA can do some major fixes to a lot of things that a lot of players are not the happiest about and As you guys may be wondering is that the Return of a Classic 3D MMORPG, Astellia Royal has officially launched on December 10th, 2020.

So What exactly is New in Astellia Royal?


The world view of ‘Astellia Royal’ is shared with ‘Astellia’, so you can fight against monster with the help of many unique Astels but the ‘AP’system, which is used to summon Astels, is improved in Astellia Royal. Up to 2 Astels can be summoned without consuming AP and with the improved AP system, you can have more fun with cooperative play with Astels.

3 different Astels

Open Field PvP

Players can enjoy Open Field PvP in the world of Astellia Royal. While PvP between players or parties is only possible through the content ‘Duel Arena’ in ‘Astellia’, PvP over all regions of ‘Astellia Royal’ is possible.

Encounters in Open World


As hunting rewards from fields are increased, obtaining Astels and equipment enhancement materials is easier. Moreover, the limit to equip specific equipment is removed. Because of this, you can equip equipment whenever it is acquired or enhance.

Class Evolution

The level to evolve a class in Astellia is 50, but it becomes lower in Astellia Royal. You will need to reach level 35 for a class evolution.

These are the only major improvements and actual difference between the games which it’s sourced on Astellia Royal main site and with that being said, Astellia Royal is a awesome game I loved the graphics and the gameplay it gave me heavy Black Desert vibes and even somehow Tera and in which Astellia is a tab target and hybrid action combat it does lean more to the tab target and hot keys it does have certain similarities to Tera and GW2 but what the devs is doing is very wrong for this they fooled everyone with the B2P version called Astellia Online and then uses the money from players and pump out a free game client with not much of a difference in game optimization, no major overhaul that can separate the two similar games, and not much main tweaks to the game. The Game is also very dry I’ve played a couple hours and have seen only 1 actual player and the chat was completely dead as well which already gave me red flags upon my travels in the beautiful world of Astellia. I didn’t experience much negative issues exactly with the game only down sides is the way the Devs went about both of there games and how the population for both has spiraled down in a hole. Especially when Astellia Royal dropped in December literally a month ago and the player base didn’t care about anything of this new release but as I dogged further and further into the rabbit hole of why this is dead the more it comes back to the BORA Devs and how this South Korean team turned there backs on there players. That’s going to wrap up today’s Topic and in the comments let me know what you think of Astellia Royal, or if you haven’t played it and wanted to get to know a bit of information on the game what exactly do you think about the BORA Devs money making scheme they set out for players I’ll love to see your guys different takes on this mmorpg. If you enjoyed the Blog then please like, comment and subscribe and definitely share it to your friends they may wanna join the Outcast Fam and have them watch this video to see if they might enjoy or turn away from this mmo. Until next time my outcasts it’s been your boy ChaosDTV signing out peace!

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