Archage Unchained begins to merge NA and EU Servers into ‘Evolution’

There’s been news circling around the Archage unchained community that servers will either shut down or merge. Which wouldn’t be a smart call since Gamigo shut down Twin Saga, Defiance, and Defiance 2050.

So what exactly is planned for Archage, they want to merge the NA and EU servers into an evolved state. Here’s a direct quote from the Developers:

“The servers being merged together will take place on a brand new server environment, meaning all players on merged environments will have no land at the beginning. Don’t worry though, all of your fully-built homes/farms/structures will be reimbursed as full kits. Additionally, for every fully built house or farm, the player will get 250 Tax Certificates for each House / Farm they have.”

What do you guys think of the supposed new server changes since there’s been reports of this already happened back in 2015 and 2017?

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