Genshin Impact Invite of Windblume begins March 17th

Mondstadt’s Windblume Festival commemorates the liberation of the city 2,600 years ago. During the festival, the citizens participate in outdoor activities. Players can take part in the festival by participating in mini-games and challenges. As with all of these events, there are some nice rewards, including the Windblume Ode 4-star weapon.

The most unique feature of this update is a new type of story quest that boasts multiple endings. The quest focuses on the characters Barbara, Noelle, Bennett, and Chongyun.

The version 1.4 update will also offer players more information about the Abyss Order and their association with the Traveler’s sibling. The investigation into this takes places in the quest “Dough Keeper” where Dainsleif finally meets the Abyss Herald he’s been looking for.

This new update means a new character as well, and this time Rosaria, (the Sister we met at Dragonspine) is joining the ranks. This is another polearm using character — only this time Cryo instead of Pyro.

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