Archage Akasch Invasion Expansion Releases March 25th

So both Archage and Archage Unchained will be receiving a brand new Expansion called Akasch. Here’s a nice overview of what to expect from this new Expansion.

One of the many things coming to the expansion is the new gunslinger class which basically allows your player character to wield rifles, Along with new areas and quests and raids to go with.

The special Gunslinger class deals ranged damage, as you’d expect, and also has access to a variety of debuffs they can stack onto an enemy to make them even more vulnerable.

Now to focus more on the new area, which is placed in the further west of the continent of Auroria.

That’s how players will find Akasch Invasion raids and a new story quest, which is only for those who “deem themselves strong enough to face its perils.” Players can also explore the history of the war between the Nuon and the dragons and use the Ipnysh Artifact system to enhance their gear.

Akasch Invasion arrives on March 25 in both ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained. You can pre-order it starting March 12

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