Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood chapter dlc has a release date in June

Thanks to Bethesda, they’ve released a 2 hour livestream and a couple minor videos pertaining to explaining a bit more about Blackwood, the Argonian and Imperial culture esque hub zone.

That is correct we have finally got ESO and a Oblivion Crisis going on. Remember that ESO does take place 1000 years prior before Skyrim Dragonborn events so with that being said this Blackwood chapter will be the start of the crisis leading into the actual events of elder scrolls 4: oblivion.

There are 3 new things coming to the game like enhanced versions for next gen consoles, companion system and more talk on the Blackwood region.

The team reiterated, that players will be able to adventure with their companions anywhere in the game except for PvP and solo arenas. Each companion will have unique likes and dislikes. They will also react to actions you take in the world. (even as small bits of stealing from NPCs or maybe a whole lot of stealing) Players will also complete quests to learn more about a companion’s background as they continue to level them up.

Any given companion will start at level 1, and as they level will gain new skills to use in combat. Players will be able to slot those skills into an action bar that acts as a priority system, skills not on cooldown slotted further towards the start of the bar will be used before other skills slotted further to the right. Companions will also use equipment, specific combat behaviors (set by the player), and have various outfit customization options.

The Blackwood region is going to be a mix of Argonian and Imperial cultures. It will contain the standard new city hub for players, typical ESO zone features, and several new monster types. What is of most interest is the world events know as Oblivion Portals coming to the game along with the chapter, something players of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion may recognize.

These portals will not appear on a player’s map, unlike other world events. Players will have to find these portals themselves. The portal can be entered, teleporting players to an island within the Deadlands. The size of these islands is about equivalent to a public dungeon and will include mini-bosses. Players will need to fight their way to the end and encounter the final Daedra that controls the island to close the portal. The Blackwood chapter will release on June 1st for PC, Mac, and Stadia, followed by the console release on June 8th.

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