Wizard 101 Spring Update brings many changes for balance issues

Kingsisle just released there new massive update for spring 2021

This update focuses heavily on more fine tuning, adding spell diversity to each school.

One of the main additions to this update is the inclusion of two new key bosses. The lil’ marshmallow fellow is located in the mines of Karamelle, and will prove quite a mighty challenge for max level wizards. The reward for conquering this monster ‘mellow is a flaming hot marshmallow wand – but beware, he has some pretty nasty cheats and his health bar is that the size of a dark souls boss.

The other boss is located in Grizzleheim. He has three different difficulties, and is the new location for everything Grizzleheim Lore Pack related. This will be the area you want to farm if you are looking for those spellements for those spells. He also drops gear from the pack and the level is based off which difficulty you enter.

The other major bit of content being released is the continued efforts of combat balance for both PvP and PvE. For starters, there are now 14 new trainable spells, two for each class, which will diversify your spell choice. There have also been other spell changes, such as making every school blade 35% and every school trap 30%. Finally, and most importantly, there has been a rollout of damage and resist caps both for PvP and PvE. This is to try and curb the offensive meta the game has seen for years now.

Here’s a couple more changes coming as well thanks to mmorpg.com for the information I received.

  • May Cast Audit – may casts have been balanced to not be so random, and more based on actual casts.
  • Continued Beastmoon additions, with two new characters and new rewards for participating in Beastmoon! These rewards include a new gear set, spellements, and more!
  • “Friendly Player’ function added – this will allow anyone to port to you and help you with quests you may need help with!
  • Team Up and Combat Sigil changes – you will now face less mobs if you are in a group of two compared to before this update.
  • Various bug fixes.

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