Warframe Call of Tempestarii patch has dropped

Warframe continues to keep the hype alive or what there was of it and by doing so they added a new piece of content for players to indulge themselves into which is called, Call of Tempestarii.

This Update released on April 13th, and it only works if you have the Railjack ship, and has completed the Deadlock Protocol, which was a story quest explaining the origins of Corpus figure Parvos Granum.

The Tempestarii update focuses on Vala, a new character in the world of Warframe as she has a mysterious connection with the 46th Warframe, Sevagoth the dark helmsman.

If you want the full patch notes then check out the website here https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1258558-xbox-call-of-the-tempestarii-update-30/

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