Sword of Legends will have a Western Release this coming Summer

Sword of Legends Online is a Chinese action mmorpg game based on the Xianxia mythology that was inspiration for many multi-award-winning television series, several movies, novels, and series of games.

Here’s a brief description quote from the game site of this new mmorpg:

“Players will explore an eons-long clash between the forces of light and darkness. Only those chosen by the spirit of the legendary sword buried deep within themselves may unlock the powers necessary to banish the fog of evil, death, and destruction that threaten to consume this tempestuous world.”

This game allows players lots of exploration capabilities, a promised PvP instance, and as well features 6 different classes to choose from.

Yes, the game is currently buy to play and as of now you can preorder it as we speak.

Here’s the announcement trailer for Swords of Legends:

If you like more PvE then this trailer is for you:

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