Tales of Arise Announcement Trailer has just released

This is essentially the launch trailer for the game that is arriving September 10, 2021. You guys are allowed to pre-order the game right now as we speak. A little back story of this title is that the city of Rena has rules over Dahna for 300 years with two main characters such as Alphen who is man without a past who deeply desires to free dahna from slavery and Shionne is a woman struggling against her own curse her noble heritage of Rena cannot remove.

We notice the game is in 3rd person but as you encounter enemies the game switches into a RTS mode so sort of similar to games like Pokémon once you encounter a enemy battle starts and it’s a transition to the actual battle.

My initial thoughts and impressions on this game from Bandai is that it looks amazing and I can see it’s going down the road of a single player experience and it does incorporate a lot of rpg elements fans would love. No you cannot create your own character but you will be able to customize your pre-determined characters through many items you find in the world and upgrade each characters to make them stronger just so you guys know this game will be releasing on Ps5, PS4, Xbox one, Xbox series and PC and it is currently available for pre order and releases September 10, 2021 so mark that down on your calendars.

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