EvE Online Celebrating 18 years with multiple fun Events and much more

The game that essentially brought me back to YouTube with one of my first series on the channel from a 7 year hiatus. I played a few hours of this game in the span of 10 episodes on YouTube and it makes me very happy to see how well the game has evolved in only one year heading into Mobile and doing wonders on the massive space-scale battles. I’m proud to cover the celebration of 18 years for Eve Online.

Currently logging on through May 18th will give you special login bonuses and even 450k skill points omega. The new monument to the Massacre at M2-XFE has completed construction, so be sure to check it out in-game.

Additionally, EVE Online recently received two pretty major visual overhauls to Jita 4-4’s interior, along with Aura.

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