Brand New CO-OP ARPG Ascendants Rising launches June 25th

A brand new action-rpg has come across my attention as it’s the next ARPG for this year. This is fully a skill based ARPG with plenty of dungeons to indulge yourself in with other players.

A little note from the Devs:

“Whether you’re playing as a Healer, Striker, or Protector, your unique Incarnate will be able to master countless combinations of abilities, as well as Artefacts: mighty weapons that can be infused and leveled up with an array of gems. With three game modes (Coliseum, Dungeons, & Raids), randomly generated bosses, and a story stretching across numerous themed worlds ranging from Medieval Fantasy, Lovecraftian Horror, Sci-Fi, as well as Urban Fantasy, there is always something new for you and your friends to experience. What will you encounter in the Multiverse?”

With 3 game modes being the core of this game I wonder how well it hold up in long run and short run being a skill based dungeon and raid crawler with abilities being more diverse.

Ascendant Rising expresses heavily how they want the game to be completely randomized so every fight has a purpose and is never the same leaving room for creativity in your fights and such.

Players will have access to a ton of spells, weapons, and abilities that they can put together to help better fit their Incarnates to their preferred playing style. Which I love the most it allows room for so much creativity in players builds and styles.

Ascendant Rising begins Early Access on Steam June 25th this Friday. Will I see you on the battlefield?

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