Wizard101 announces a brand new Guild-lite system

Over the next few updates Kingsisle plans to start rolling out a new system which incorporates A Guild Based system.

Players should be on the lookout for brand new changes like increased drop rates as a full party as well as a revamped UI.

“Adventure parties” is a more permanent way for grouping up with friends while Kingsisle works on the Full Party system. There currently isn’t a set time period when these updates will finally roll out.

From The Game Director Leah Ruben they had this to say:

“Our mission statement is simple: we want to do everything to facilitate friendships in the Spiral,” said Game Director Leah Ruben. “As an MMO, Wizard101 obviously has many social systems and players often connect with each other already, but we want to expand and improve upon our social offerings and give even more encouragement to use them. [. . .] There are so many more places where we can provide opportunities for Wizards to cooperate more often, and reward those who do so.”

“Notice I said ‘provide opportunities’ and not ‘require’,” she continued. “We understand some players want to solo or duo with a partner (and sometimes that partner is themselves if they dual box). That’s okay! The game isn’t changing to prohibit soloing at all or make playing more difficult for lone wolves. We just want to provide more ways for you to meet and interact with other Wizards… and maybe make it worth your while if you’re a bit hesitant to do so.”

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